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For a select group of men, the smell of gasoline, penetrating oil, and strong coffee tells a story of 10,000 hours. If you've got one of these stories, well, you just might want one of our tumblers.

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You probably own multiple insulated products so you’re well aware of their benefits. Try listing ten things you dislike about one of them. It’s hard to find much, so why does the world need another insulated tumbler? It doesn’t really. We would all be fine without. But we don’t always buy stuff because it’s necessary. Oyle tumblers are completely unnecessary and we know that. However, we're pretty sure you'd agree that if you didn’t indulge in unnecessary things on occasion, you’d have a pretty dull life, right? Just think of Martin in accounting.

We're on a mission to provide a product that helps avoid conversations about stuff like PowerPoint presentations or personal problems. When holding an Oyle product, people will instantly know you have a deep understanding of humor, engines, BBQ and speed; encouraging a useful exchange of information relating to such topics.

Why risk having your time wasted because you decided to drink out of a dull cup? Stick with what’s important and get your hands on an insulated tumbler that looks like an oil filter.

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